JUL 08 2013

CASE statemant in SQL Server

SQL Server

The SQL Server CASE statement is a conditional statement that returns a single value based on the evaluation of a statement. CASE expressions can be used in SQL anywhere an expression can be used like SELECT list, WHERE clause, HAVING clause, IN list, DELETE and UPDATE statements. CASE statement can also be nested. This provides…

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JUL 06 2013

Introduction to JOINs in SQL Server

SQL Server

The nature of relational database design shows that we will have related data that is stored in different tables. To retrieve data from two or more tables we use JOINS. The JOIN clause tells the database how the data in the two tables is related so that it can return a correct representation of the…

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JUL 03 2013

Find child control of a control in WPF


Sometime we want to get reference of child control of container control of specified type. Example we want to find CheckBox control inside ListViewItem or we want to fing another container Panel inside a Grid. Here is a method through which we can find child control inside a parent control. The method below will return…

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NOV 04 2012

Enumeration in C#


There are many situations when we want to give specific names to values. In order to accomplish this task we use Enumeration. In this blog I am going to explain how to create and use enumeration (enum). Enumerations are special sets of named values which all maps to a set of numbers, usually integers. The…

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SEP 19 2012

How to create parallelogram using CSS


In this simple blog I am going to provide a simple code to create a parallelogram through CSS which will be compatible on most of the browsers including Internet Explorer (IE). Here is the CSS for creating Parallelogram. #parallelogram { width: 150px; height: 100px; -moz-transform: skew(20deg); -o-transform: skew(20deg); -webkit-transform: skew(20deg); background: #FF0000; /* IE8+ -…

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